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I also did casevac duties and we had regular training sessions on setting up a Field hospital for 2000 casualties.

It was a great place to train with our own ghost The Tidworth Drummer.

In those days when you finished nights you could draw rations from the cookhouse to make your own breakfast in the Nurses home.

I remember the long walk up to Nightingale House (Nurses home) after a hectic night duty clutching eggs and bacon! He was supposed to walk the corridors at certain times of the year - the corridors were concrete walkways under cover which ran past every ward and it was quite a spooky experience to be on nights because the wards were on the first floor and you had to come up darkly lit wooden stairs from the ground floor.

I had been given auromycin during my last few days because I was not progressing as fast as I should.

I was 15 and was very ill and scared, but they certainly helped to put my fears to rest.

Colonel Gahan was our Commandant (Matron) and Captain Green was our Nurse tutor.

I worked on Gynae & Families Medical and Gynae clinic.

Famous people born in the maternity wing include the former Life Guards Captain and now singer James Blunt.

His father, Colonel Charles Blount, was an officer in the Army Air Corps. It closed on the 31 March 1977 even though the Maternity Unit had recently been refurbished (cited in the book Sub Cruce Candida: A Celebration of One Hundred Years of Army Nursing).

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