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Yet behind the tall, imposing walls of the sacred enclosure the texts speak of an altogether different kind of person - commanding figures referred to variously as the Shebtiu, the Sages, the Elders and the Falcons.

These mythical individuals take the guise of birds, implying perhaps that they were priest-shamans who adorned themselves in bird feathers.

Over the past 200 years many hundreds of books have been written about the mysteries of the Great Pyramid, most of them more fantasy than fact.

Yet shining through all of them is a hardcore of evidence which shows that the pyramid builders were privy to universal knowledge far beyond that accredited to the ancient Egyptians who lived around 4500 years ago, the time-frame in which the pyramids are said to have been built. The Great Pyramid is considered to have been built as an exact geodesic representation of the earth's northern hemisphere.

of an underworld complex known today as the Hall of Records.

To attempt to understand this mystery more fully we must return to the Giza plateau and examine its strange megalithic temples, for these suggest a construction date long before the pyramid age.

Two and a half million blocks, ranging in size from two to seventy tons a piece, were used in the construction of this silent sentinel of the past, the largest and perhaps the most enigmatic of the three matching structures on the Giza plateau.

It covers an area of 13 acres and weighs an incredible six million tons, and up until the construction of the Eiffel Tower, it was the tallest structure in the world.

Locally we might have found indigenous peoples of the late Paleolithic age tending cultivated lands, herding domesticated wild animals, making beautiful flint tools and using wooden spears to harpoon fish in the nearby river Nile.

He also found that the pyramid builders used highly specialized drilling techniques to bore perfect holes in hard granite, lathe-finish beautiful bowls in tough diorite and fashion exquisite stone vases with openings no larger than a little finger.

American technologist Christopher Dunn has recently completed an in-depth study of the ancient Egyptians' incredible stone-ware industry and has convincingly demonstrated that they used ultrasound-induced vibration to enhance their drilling capabilities.

They are also said to have had radiant faces that must have made them quite striking in appearance.

This strange menagerie of divine beings, who were said to number sixty, are spoken of as These were first noticed during seismic soundings of the hard bedrock by two research programmes, one led by seismologist Thomas Dobecki in 1991 and the other coordinated in 1996 by the University of Florida in association with millionaire Joseph Schor, a life-long member of the Edgar Cayce Foundation (see below).

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Since the core limestone blocks - many up to 100 ton a piece - used in the construction of the Valley Temple, the Sphinx Temple, as well as at least one other similar structure on the Giza plateau, were extracted from the Sphinx enclosure, we must concede that these too date to this same distant epoch.

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