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The trauma and unhappiness within the unit was known within CBC, says a longtime CBC employee not associated with the show. A producer who has alleged that Ghomeshi fondled her and told her he wanted to “hate-f–k” her reported she was told by the executive producer to try to work around it; Ghomeshi wasn’t going to change.

This week, according to CBC News, two more women—one a former staffer, another a current CBC employee—alleged Ghomeshi was abusive and sexually aggressive. The other says she told a supervisor but nothing happened.

The warnings, beginning with the fact that we were only hearing one side of the story, were there for anyone who wanted to see.

Even his bandmates from Moxy Früvous—the group broke up almost 15 years ago— felt compelled to issue a group statement: “We are sickened and saddened by this week’s news.

His public profile made him known, a familiar and seductive voice in the country’s ear.

In the circles that helped to propel Ghomeshi and kept him aloft, if there was a collective shock, it wasn’t based on the Jian we didn’t know, the Mr. It was based on the Jian many had known for decades—the Jian hiding in plain sight.

23 was more sombre, spoken against the elegiac strains of Moby.

Passionately and reassuringly, Ghomeshi addressed a country in shock from shootings on Parliament Hill the day before: “This is not what we do, who we are,” he said. This is ” Just five days later, his status as a man who could speak for Canada was shattered.

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