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She underestimates the dangers of her endeavor and ends up collapsing near a village in Vale during a lockdown. Knight Of Shadows.)A single act of kindness can ripple outward, like a stone cast into still water.

Two vixens will descend from the Clouds, and into the renascent Whirlpool. Naruto XHinata XHanabi, alive Kushina, and slightly OP fuinjutsu (blame my imagination). Naruto, Konoha's hero, the boy who would protect them from the Kyubi. Because when his mother was hurt, his father chose to burn the world. But when a red-furred, green eyed Grimm saves his life and reveals itself to have Pyrrha's soul and memories, Jaune decides he's going to do whatever it takes to restore his partner's humanity. The price will be more than anyone should have to bear but the prize is the future, for those he cares for and for all life in the galaxy. Begins with Chapter 31.)Jaune had accepted that Pyrrha was dead.

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