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Each department is manned be well trained academic and technical staff. Principles of elementary mineralogy and crystallography. Population ecology, population growth theories; population interactions; density dependent-dependent an Plant Ecology Description . Improper integrals and their convergence; mean value theorem of integral calculus. The College of Education and External Studies has lately established a modern computer laboratory with several PCs connected to the main computer centre of the University of Nairobi, Chiromo campus. Protists Fungi, Viruses, Rickettsiae Microorganisms in relation to evolut Introduction To Paleontology Description . A study of the interactions that determine the distribution and abundance of plants at population level. Functions of several variables and their applications. Differential and integral calculus of functions of several variables (Tay Physical Chemistry 4 (thermodynamic Ii And Phase Equilibria) Description . Convex analysis in En : convex combination of Vectors, Hyperplanes and Hyperspheres, Convex Functions. Gravity; Measurement, the international gravity formula reduction and interpretation of gravity data isostasy. Graphical solution method: More than one solution, Unbounded solution, Existence of no solution. The shape of the earth, the reference ellipsoid, the geoid. Prerequisite: SMA 303 Differential Geometry Description . Strategies and methods of teaching computer science. Nature and function of enzymes, coenzymes and vitamins.

Extrachromosomal inheritance, chloroplast, mitochondria plasmids, transoposons. Viral and bacterial structure, recombination, transfor Physical Chemistry 2 (liquids Thermodynamics And Thermochemistry) Description . The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum and the energy distribution. Overview of theoretical basis Interpretation of spectra of organic compounds Optical rotatory dispersion (ORD) and circular d Igneous Petrology Description . Earliest fauna and the p Global Tectonics Description . Nature, classification, occurrence, distribution and genesis of common sedimentary rocks. Sediments and principles of sedimentology Sedimentary textures and structures. It boasts one of the best educational libraries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Morphological study of representative Materials Of Earth Description . Basic principles of prospecting and exploration Stages criteria and prospecting guides. Different departments in the Faculty are currently establishing viable and up-to-date libraries. Composition of the earth distribution of chemical elements and isotopes. Nature and classification of common igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Introduction to ecology definition of ecology; ecological terminology and concepts; introduction to ecosystems, the physical and chemical environment. The collision theory and unimolecular reactions; the transition state and the steady state approximation theory of reaction rates; complex reactions Inorganic Chemistry 5 (transition Elements And Organometallic Chemistry) Description . Solutions near regular singular po Algebra Ii Description . Continuity, continuity and compactness; uniform continuity; completeness i Probability And Statistics Ii Description . Polymerisation free radical, ionic and condensation mechanisms. Synthetic polymers manufacture and use of polymer mouldings, wood products petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and dyestuffs Physical Chemistry 7 (further Chemical Kinetics And Electrochemistry) Description .

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