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It was not deliberately destroyed before deposition in the lake, so likely a offering.Sadly haven't been able to find picture of the full length of the sword, not any measurements.The well known sword from Lough Derg in Ireland: This pommel found in Latvia, now in the National Museum in Riga: There are two swords of this unusual type in Oslo, both in equally poor condition unfortunately. Petersen included the second one under type Z solely due to the curved guard, though it does seem more like a variant of type L to me also.The well known sword from Lough Derg in Ireland: Definitely a closest fit in guard and pommel style with the two Norwegian ones!

Yet the pommel is totally not like a type L - in fact I can't really place it to any type. Found in 1873 (The Moesgrd one was found in 1917 and the grip was damaged during this - damn). The pommel has a "semi-lunar base" (as Pedersen type L), but then you seem to have a "ball" resting on top of it. Looks way more impressive than I thought from the small picture I found.The Late Germanic Iron Age (550-750 AD) is sadly a period with only a few good well preserved sword-finds in Denmark; compared to the bog-weapon finds from earlier in the Iron Age.Mostly graves are cremation graves and also that even in inhumation graves it was apparently not common to add grave goods. On Sjlland (Zealand) a grave from around ~650 AD have turned out a well preserved sword.Very nice free book with other drawings of Iron Age finds, but this is the finest sword. It's outdated, but in English and free, some very nice drawings. If you know of something more current than Worsaae's book, in English, about Danish finds, please let me know.

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