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Juli wants to run off to speak to Cris about it, but Norb stops her.Cris doesn’t know yet, and he doesn’t want Juli to ruin it.Manuel doesn’t think German will ever forgive Alejandra. He let her brother die, he murdered her mother, he carved the scar on her face, and she also carries scars in her soul. In a very male reaction, German gets angry and says Dan has to pay! She didn’t want him to stain his hands with blood killing Dan, or worse yet, being killed by Dan. Because if not, I won’t be able to live in peace knowing that Danilo is looking for me.” German takes her in his arms and says he won’t let anything happen to her, not anymore.German loses it and starts pounding on the bed, yelling that he’s capable of killing Dan with his bare hands! Meanwhile, poor Lizzy has been waiting for German for over an hour, and her dad isn’t letting her forget. Did you think I wasn’t mature enough to understand your past? A: I was scared that you’d be ashamed that I had been a prostitute.Like a fearless mama bear, Cris marches right up to him, past the armed police and tries to pull Ale out of Dan’s grasp, but Efrain grabs her and holds her at gun point!All the police draw their guns, but Dan threatens to kill if they don’t lower their weapons. They all panic and surround her, even Dan, as Hector holds Efrain down.

He flies into a rage again thinking about all Dan did to her for years! Norb denies knowledge, but then cautiously asks if the police caught Dan.The police gather up all the girls in the living room. Perla is denying that this is a brothel, while J-nita is falling apart and crying.One of the cops brings some of the evidence he has found to the chief—some ledgers and a cell phone they found hidden in a bedroom.Cris and Esteban emerge from the den, where they were just about to sign the contract.Dan denies, denies, denies, but Ale speaks up and says it’s all true! As Esteban asks for an explanation and everyone looks towards him, Dan takes the opportunity to grab Ale and hold her hostage with his knife against her neck.

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Luisa pays a surprise visit to Arturo at Uli’s house. At the hospital, Cris frets in the waiting room, accompanied by Ulises, Hector, and a hovering Este. If his brother is in danger, they’ll see how they (Norb and Manuel) defend him!

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