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We stayed there for a few days but were never in the water, just laid around the beach.

She wore both her new suit and the old faithful orange string bikini. last night, we were out seeing a famous blues guitarist, at a local club, and my wife was looking especially hot.

My wife and I have been doing this for a number of years and we have yet to see another women dressed to show her nipples. ... I have medium size breasts and they are firm because I never had children. My wife hasnt completely gotten up the courage to wear clothing items that are completely see through like the burnout shirts.

I encouraged my wife to buy a pair of geenie pants (think thats what they called) Baggy topped trousers with side fastener) When she was looking to but a summer pair of trousers while we were on holiday I noticed that this particular pair were very very thin. Danny, my husband calls them his Paris Hilton breasts. She has a few shirts that have strategically place patches of sheer areas that she enjoys wearing and a few other shirts that are almost completely sheer...

I really often offer her seethrough or loose shirts that allow me to see her breast.

But she only wears them when we're alone at home, as a kind of preliminary sex game.

Having said that, I am also equally content to suck slave cock, milking the slaves, and feeding on their seed, as well as feeding on tasty slave cunts. I have met and continue to meet lots of wonderful slaves and subs who have pleased me by serving me in many different ways. Don't be afriad to ask me any questions about the BDSM lifestyle. I believe this is the outward sign of what is deep within Me.

When pain is needed to teach a lesson My wrist can control My whip to exert the admonition that is required. I have two wonderful special ones in katie (the head girl) and dave. I look forward to welcoming you to My home and who knows what awaits you when I summon you.She lost some weight recently and feels really good about her body.I believe this was key to getting her old self back again like when we met... The first time we went to Miami's South Beach I decided to buy the wife a new swim suit.Last year, I offered her a very light tank top, in an...She asked if there was anything special I would like to help us relax on our first date, I confessed to her my little fetish of liking denim and silk blouses. I ended up getting lost getting to her town in the early morning and... It seems like a lot of men like to see their wives in elegant places wearing see through tops. I had been asking my wife for many months to go out with out a bra in a see through shirt and one night she finaly said she would. She wasnt going to go were there was a lot of people so we went into a gas station were only a man was...

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In terms of BDSM I like to orchestrate scenes and although usually very proactive is setting them up will respond to slaves and other Ladies who make contributions. I will scene if I am aroused to a point of total giving to my partner (male/she male/Mistress/slave/female). Mistress Tessa: I am a mature Domme based in the UK who first visited Castle Elaina after being asked to do so by the then head girl katie and immediately I felt as if I had found My home.

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