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A creative connection between singer and producer is one thing, getting tracks in the bag is another.This is the third day that Fassie and Pilane have spent in studio.Skolopad is just as excited as the rest of Mzansi that there is a Brenda Fassie biopic in the works, and plans to definitely give the auditions a shot.The entertainer told Tshisa LIVE she never considered acting but for Brenda Fassie, she would audition.Charl Blignaut joins her in the studio where she’s recording a new album Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that there is no way to write a Brenda interview without its being personal.That’s because there really is no such thing as a Brenda “interview”.They have already completed three seriously amazing songs. As long as I do, it’s okay ...” The photographer starts taking pictures and now Brenda’s really in her moment.When she comes out into the studio they listen to the new track and Brenda starts jiving. For a woman whose career is, according to certain local papers, all but dead, her new track is pretty damn alive. “I’ve always been a fan,” he tells me later, “and I always wanted to work with Brenda. I write the music and I don’t know what Brenda does, but she comes in and makes the song sound different.

When I saw yesterday that there's a film about Brenda (in the works) I was so excited, I am not an actress, I'm a singer but with that being said if there's open auditions, I would give it a shot." Skolopad said she knew SA already had someone in mind for the lead role, and agreed with Twitter that actress, Brenda Ngxoli would embody the iconic musician brilliantly.

He’s picked up the track from where he and Brenda left off and before you can say the words “Hi Godfrey” it’s work as usual.

The intrusion of a clutch of journalists and photographers seems to have no effect on Pilane.

I have interviewed Brenda before and I have watched her perform and I think I know the score: The hyper-energetic diva who demands huge amounts of attention but can also be outrageously generous towards her friends.

The artist who can be impossible to pin down, but once you do is worth every second of the recording time.

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