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It is an abnormality on many levels that require some thinking outside the box.For this reason, some Indonesian girls may feel that they should date an Indonesian guy because it is natural and less complicated. Among Indonesian girls who date foreigners, many used to be conventional.The 6,700,000 remaining girls will most likely not date foreigners as few of them can accept a sexless relationship.Many Indonesian girls just prefer the Indonesian type of men.They will choose a boyfriend who will give them a better status.

Considering this, I can really understand why some girls would avoid dating expats. Most people are told from an early age about what should happen to them in the future and they stick to the plan.

They "switched" to bules because they became disappointed with the narrative they were served when they were younger.

Many Indonesian girls expect that their boyfriend will provide for them.

It is therefore quite natural for a girl who is a devout Muslim to look for a companion of the same faith so that she can actually marry him.

She will feel that there is no point in dating someone who does not share the same religious beliefs.

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