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However, before Turloughs time the effective capital had become Dublin.The main tribe and family of this area at the time of Turlough was the Mac Laughlin of the Clann Cholmáin.To the south, in Tuamumu – the O’Briens were effectively allies of the O’Connors – as Muirchertach Ua Briain (O’Brien) had fostered Turlough as a young boy to groom him for his future position.

Ulaid (from which modern Ulster gets its name – and occupying modern counties Antrim and Down).The most famous member of this tribe being Brian Boru and the first High King of Ireland in reality.The O’Briens were the ruling family of Tuamumu and other leading families include: (Mac) Clancy, (Mac) Conway, (Mac) Corcoran, (O) Bannon, (O) Boland, (O) Cahill, (O) Carroll, (O) Connor, (O) Dea, (O) Donovan, (O) Dooley, (O) Drennan, (O) Dwyer, (O) Fennessy, (O) Flaherty, (O) Flanagan, (O) Fogarty, (O) Galvin, (O) Grady, (O) Halloran, (O) Hannon, (O) Heffernan, (O) Hehir, (O) Hickey, (O) Hogan, (O) Honan, (O) Hurley, (O) Kearney, (O) Kelleher, (O) Kennedy, (O) Kiely, (O) Loughlin, (O) Meagher, (O) Melody, (O) Mulcahy, (O) Naghten, (O) Quirke, (O) Reddan, (O) Regan, (O) Reidy, (O) Shannon, (O) Sheehan, Ahern, Buckley, Collins, Curry, Flannery, Gilroy, Gleeson, Houlihan, Mac Considine, Mac Enery, Mac Namara, Mac Donnell, Mac Grath, Mac Inerney, Mac Mahon, Maher, Malone, Maloney, O’Meara, Ryan and Sexton, Note: Some of these surnames may have evolved shortly after 1150AD.The Northen Ui Neill (not to be confused with the surname O’Neill) was a kin group who were descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages – legend was that his sons Eoghan, Conall and Enda moved into modern county Donegal in the 5 century.From these individuals came the tribes of Cenél Eóghain and Cenél Conaill who established themselves as lords in northwestern Ulster.

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