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Of course this entire conversation is scripted if you believe my theory that Jason is actually Hannah’s boyfriend.

Jason is still there walking past the boat waving at Hannah who has been perched on the bow texting with him the whole time.

She says she told Wes about their date, and she just wishes he could be supportive of the difficult position she is in. Back on the boat, Malia takes Adam aside and tells him that the drama is too much for her and she thinks it is best for the boat if she backs away from both of them.

I want to say they completely shut down all traffic for it and only paid extras that were part of production could participate in filming. Either way, it’s a really cool day trip for the crew.

Max’s girlfriend shows up and she is really pretty but not incredibly bright.

She tells the story in a way where nothing happened on charter and they are now talking on social media.

I suspect that Jason was Hannah’s boyfriend and got a great rate on the charter.

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We didn’t get to see as much of the fortress as I would have liked, but I’ll take it. Later that night, the gang all goes out to a restaurant and they are not seated at one long table but at two or three smaller ones.

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