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Occupational therapists assist patients with their activities of daily living and they also provide patients with assistive devices to facilitate eating and dressing.

Physical therapists perform rehabilitation and restorative care including help with ambulation and balance/gait exercises.

Correct Response: BThe patient should be sitting when deep breathing and coughing because this position allows the patient to be better able to splint the incision with a pillow which provides abdominal support during coughing.

Others are alternative format questions such as choosing all the items where more than one item is correct, fill in the blanks and listing priorities or steps in a procedure from the first to the last.

You will see all types of questions in our practice examination for licensed practical nurses. Correct Response: CSpeech and language therapists assess and treat patients with a swallowing disorder; they also assess and treat patients with speech and communication problems as often occurs after a cerebrovascular accident, or stroke.

Lastly, case managers coordinate care along the continuum of care and they manage insurance reimbursements.

Correct Response: DSedentary older men, active adult women and children should all have 6 ounces of grains, 2½ cups of vegetables, 2 cups of fruits, and 3 cups of milk to help make up their 2000 calorie requirement.

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Preoperative checklists are a form of nursing documentation that is used to guide and document the care of the patient before surgery.

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