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Later Dutch gables with flowing curves became absorbed into Baroque architecture.Examples of Dutch-gabled buildings can be found in historic cities across Europe such as Potsdam (Dutch Quarter), Friedrichstadt, Gdańsk and Gothenburg.

The Baiturrahman Grand Mosque in the center of Banda Aceh city, Aceh Province, Indonesia.

The Green Gate (Brama Zielona) in Gdańsk, Poland, is a building which is inspired by the Antwerp City Hall.

It was built between 15 by Regnier van Amsterdam and Hans Kramer to serve as the formal residence of the Polish monarchs when visiting Gdańsk.

Until the fall of Antwerp (1585), the Dutch and Flemish were generally seen as one people.

The De Stijl school proposed simplicity and abstraction, both in architecture and painting, by using only straight horizontal and vertical lines and rectangular forms. Brabantine Gothic, occasionally called Brabantian Gothic, is a significant variant of Gothic architecture that is typical for the Low Countries.

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The rectilinear lines and planes flow from outside to inside, with the same colour palette and surfaces.

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