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If conditions later change so that the query of an invalid view can be executed, then the view can be recompiled and become valid.

Oracle dynamically compiles the invalid view if you attempt to use it.

To alter the definition of a view, you must replace the view using one of the following methods: For example, assume that you create the ACCOUNTS_STAFF view, as given in a previous example.

You also grant several object privileges to roles and other users.

Whatever DML operations you performed on a view they actually affect the base table of the view. You can Query, Insert, Update and delete from views, just as any other table.

A view derives its data from the tables on which it is based. Views can be based on actual tables or another view also.

select e.empno,e.ename,e.sal,e.deptno,d.dname,From emp e, dept d where e.deptno=d.deptno; So everytime we want to see emp details and department names where they are working we have to give a long join query.

So, yes, you can update the data in an Oracle VIEW providing you have the proper privileges to the underlying Oracle tables.

Views are very powerful and handy since they can be treated just like any other table but do not occupy the space of a table.

The following sections explain how to create, replace, and drop views using SQL commands. To see the empno, ename, sal, deptno, department name and location we have to give a join query like this.

select * from emp_det; This will show same result as you have type the long join query.

Now you can treat this EMP_DET view same as any other table.

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If you had defined a DEFAULT value of 10 on the DEPTNO field, then you could perform inserts. Loc FROM Emp e, Dept d /* JOIN operation */ WHERE e. A modifiable join view is a view that contains more than one table in the top-level FROM clause of the SELECT statement, and that does not contain any of the following: Any UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE statement on a join view can modify only one underlying base table.

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