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Vatican collections included artifacts from the New World of exactly the shapes of the supposed ceraunia.

The reports of the explorers had identified them to be implements and weapons or parts of them.

Although the craniological ethnology that formed its first scholarly context holds no scientific value, the relative chronology of the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age is still in use in a general public context, The structure reflects the cultural and historical background of Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East and soon underwent further subdivisions, including the 1865 partitioning of the Stone Age into Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods by John Lubbock.

Due to lateness of publication, Mercati's ideas were already being developed independently; however, his writing served as a further stimulus.On November 12, 1734, Nicholas Mahudel, physician, antiquarian and numismatist, read a paper at a public sitting of the Académie Royale des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres in which he defined three "usages" of stone, bronze and iron in a chronological sequence.He had presented the paper several times that year but it was rejected until the November revision was finally accepted and published by the Academy in 1740.Iron was cheaper than bronze, so there must have been a golden and a silver age.He portrays a sequence of metallic ages, but it is a degradation rather than a progression.

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Lucretius, however, replaced moral degradation with the concept of progress, For the nature of the world as a whole is altered by age. The Romans believed that the species of animals, including humans, were spontaneously generated from the materials of the Earth, because of which the Latin word mater, "mother", descends to English-speakers as matter and material.

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