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With the term “MP3 player” typically meaning a handheld device to play music, it’s a natural leap to assume that’s what we’re also discussing. Although for marketing purposes, many hardware devices are indeed called MP4 players.We’re talking about the decoding and processing software often found in free MP4 player downloads that makes the hardware capable of playing back the video and audio.“If that happened to my daughter in her second-grade class . “If her brothers told her [there was no Santa], they would be punished.So I can’t imagine what should happen to the teacher.” A nanny picking up a child at the school yesterday told The Post that anyone who tells kids that Santa doesn’t exist should get coal in their stocking.“I do feel it is unfortunate that this teacher has lost the spirit of Christmas in her heart.

When you first start talking about MP4 players you should realize that you’re not referring to a piece of hardware.

“When I read what happened at the school, I had an opinion that I don’t feel would be printable,” said a still-jolly St.

Nick, who was posing for pictures with kids at the Palisades Mall.

' They said: 'Following an incident in Lasswade High School, where a pupil was found using her mobile phone in the classroom, the School Link Officer was asked by the Deputy Head Teacher to speak to the youth in relation to her conduct while in school.'The officer informed the pupil that he would discuss the matter further in the presence of her parents and appropriate advice about behaviour and the use of a mobile phone and social media in class was provided.

Seamus Searson, General Secretary of the Scottish Secondary Teachers Association, said: 'The youngsters don't always know the problems these things can cause - the bullying that can go on, of other kids and teachers.

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