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"Image Resizer for Windows" is a free utility that lets you resize one or more selected image files directly from Windows Explorer or File Explorer by ) also can be used to resize graphical image files.Alternatively, you can use free photo editing programs such as PIXresizer (download), Shrink Pictures (online), Flip My Photos (online), Google's Picasa (download), Google Photos, or GIMP to easily reduce the size of an image.From there you can upload it to your favorite social networking site (myspace, facebook, etc) or you can email it to a friend now that its file size and dimensions have been resized to an email friendly format.If you want to create an online photo album that you can send to friends via e-mail, simply use Swift Pic To start your picture resize, simply click the "Browse..." (or "Choose File" for Mac and Safari Users) button above under "Step 1".If the picture you are resizing supports a quality setting (usually only JPG or JPEG images support quality changes), you can click a lower quality in order to lower the final file size (in bytes), or just leave it at 100%. After your image is resized, you can save it to your computer using the formon the next page Resizing a photo has never been easier!Sometimes, you need to resize your picture to fit in a given space, or to be sent through email without being bounced for being too large.Sometimes, pictures are too big for a web page or to send via email, and you will need to resize them to fit the proper dimensions.Our photo resize application above supports GIF, JPG, and PNG images and pictures.

So, if you are looking for a quick, free way to resize your photo, look no further.After you have chosen your file, you can simply click the box that shows one of our predefined widths and continue on.Or, you can click "More Options" to click a height instead of a width, or specify your own custom resized height and width.Resizing the picture to its final dimensions can also significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to download the picture, since the file size will be smaller.If you cannot reduce the file size sufficiently with a scanner, do not have a scanner, or your original is a text file (such as a Word, Power Point or Excel document), you can print the file to a third-party PDF printer utility that will electronically convert its format to PDF.

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