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The schema to support this standard has been designed to be extensible so that custom roles can be created by extending base roles.This allows user agents to support at least the base role, and user agents that support the custom role can provide enhanced access.In-progress updates to the technology may be viewed in the publicly visible editors' draft.This document was published by the Accessible Rich Internet Applications Working Group as a Recommendation.

I have a fullscreen WPF application where controls are added to a Grid dynamically and the user is given ...I am converting a small win forms user control to a wpf user control in C#. I am using a Text Edit control from Dev Express (v11.2) in a Grid Control data template.In the winforms user control the text box property textbox. The content of the control is too long - 7000 characters - and I want a vertical scrollbar for the control. I have a Win Forms usercontrol (Zed Graph Control) hosted on a Windows Forms Host WPF control, placed in a nested Grid.An adjustable range slider or collapsible list (a.k.a.a tree widget) are more complex examples, in which various parts of the widget have semantics that need to be properly identified for assistive technologies to support effective interaction.

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This enhances the functionality and interoperability of the Web.

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