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But witness statements published in Swedish news media have stoked anger at migrants as Europe grapples with what to do about hundreds of thousands of people flooding in from predominantly Muslim countries, a crisis that has fueled support for anti-immigration political parties from France to Germany to Holland."He tore off her clothes and lay down on top of her," Josefine Lundgren, one of several witnesses who contacted police shortly after watching the incident happen in real-time, told Swedish media.

Other witnesses have since come forward to say that a second, live broadcast showed the victim being forced to deny that she had been assaulted."There's been total outrage about this case in Sweden," said Jerzy Sarnecky, a criminologist at Stockholm University.

That should be considered rape, Wennerstrom said.“These girls are performing penetrations for a very long time and it hurts and they’re sad and they are very young and it still doesn’t count as a rape,” she said.

Still, the company's move to promote its user-generated service has not been trouble-free. Sweden has about 47 reported rape cases per 100,000 people, according to a 2014 survey by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, which provides data about the 28-nation EU, including Sweden.

Melander successfully argued Wednesday for the men to be detained for two more weeks while the investigation continues.

Prosecutors said the pair from Afghanistan deny taking part in a rape, a crime that carries a sentence of two to six years in Sweden.

Rape in Swedish law can include intercourse, or a violation of sexual integrity considered equally severe.

Samstrom met his victims through online social networks, then made them take off their clothes and penetrate themselves with fingers or objects, threatening either to kill them and their families, or post their profile photos on pornography websites.

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"They put the girl in front of the camera, but the guy who filmed tried to persuade her to deny she had been raped," she told Swedish Television News.

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