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The Mongols crossed the frozen river Vistula and divided their forces in two, Kadan raiding through Mazovia, and Baidar striking at Krakow.

Baidar came near enough to the city walls for Vladimir, commander of the Polish army, to see them, and then began retreating.

The Mongols rode with all speed to Liegnitz, and got there a day before King Vaclav; immediately they engaged in battle. The battle found the best fighters of Europe facing a small wing of the Mongol army.

He resisted bravely, but on the 6th of December the gates were breached and the city leveled.In general, Europeans have had a fairly good record in wars, nearly always winning out over Asia, Africa, and America with only a few exceptions.There was the great Hannibal, and the Moslems in Spain.There were the Persians who fought the Greeks, and the grandchildren in the United States who defied England and got away with it.But only once in the whole history of this continent has there been danger of the complete extinction of Western Civilization as we know it.

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