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Pacing at home became unbearable, so, instead, I paced the hectic streets of downtown Denver with a photo of him in hand, looking for help.

A boy, all of 16, wild hair skirting the torn collar of his well-worn t-shirt, recognized my son, but had not seen him in weeks. He shared stories of loved ones he had lost to overdose and his concern for a friend who was still missing.

As I cautioned him to please not use alone, to obtain his drugs from a known source, to "taste" his dose first (inject a small amount very slowly to test the drug Doubt overwhelmed me: "Is this only encouraging further drug use? " I'd recently abandoned the tough love approach, but I wasn't sure this was better. As a child, my son was rambunctious and full of energy, although, at times, shy.

Focusing in class was a struggle, yet he excelled in sports—little league baseball, soccer and hockey. He spent hours embracing the smooth cedar of that Ibanez, learning new tunes which he played with an earthy, mellow ease all his own.

Counselors and peers continued to encourage me to combat enabling by diligently questioning my own behavior to determine if I was loving my child or loving my child to death.

A single glimpse of my sond been given a death sentence, and had hopelessly resigned himself to it.

Although I wouldn't find him for several days yet, what I found that day, in that cramped space of grace, was hope.Calls to ERs, jails and morgues had been fruitless.I was panicked at the thought that I'd soon get a call telling me that he had been found, alone, in an anonymous dark corner, dead from an overdose.Overdose was a looming fear on the street, just as it was in my home.The gritty wear and tear of lives lived on concrete may have been all that defined these faceless junkies to the casual passerby.

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I can only imagine the pain and conflict he must have felt when he pawned even that love to buy heroin.

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