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He shouldn’t treat women like they don’t have hearts and feelings.

These men need to be shamed if they think treating someone like that is has money to pay lobola and not send a penny to his kids.

His daughter in SA stopped going to school because he couldn’t afford the fees. The agony “He worked as an engineer some 10 yrs ago and 1 year 2013 -2015 beginning of it and he not worksince.

He said the man, Shadreck Mtale, who is employed as a guard at a school in Siabuwa, was approached by some members of the police and army last week to stop working saying the school belonged to Zanu PF.“The SDC chairperson resisted, but last week the soldiers teamed up with police and told Mtale to stop coming to a Zanu PF school.” Sansole said the police had summoned Mtale to visit the police station yesterday saying, “the team went there to do interviews and investigate the matter”.“The harassment has been going on for a long time and it is only last week that Mtale was finally made to stop coming to work,” he said.I know deep down something going on, call it woman instincts.Until I find it on whatsaap,social media hey, it’s a curse.” The love of an outspoken hurt daughter : The £1000 he borrowed and has not paid back ” Mr Wellington Kagonye has been dating my mum for the past 2 years everything was smooth but he had a different side to which we all didn’t pay attention to sometimes he will look himself up for days or weeks without any communication to my mum then out of the blue he calls her and pretend like nothing had happened he borrowed my mum 1000 of pounds and promised to pay back which he never did my mum suffers from back pain, BP, sciatica which forced her to resign early she’s a very independent women and never asked Mr Kagonye for any financial help.

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